1. The using up of a resource.

2. The eating, drinking, or ingesting of something.

3. A potentially fatal infection of the lungs.

I am interested in ending the mass consumption of fossil fuels. I know it will take a long time, and I accept that it likely won’t be accomplished in any kind of global manner in my lifetime. I believe that this needs to happen for the following reasons:

1) Our society has become completely dependent on cheap fossil fuels.

2) Cheap fossil fuels are not equitably distributed geographically.

3) The burning of fossil fuels inordinately hurts life on Earth.

4) Scientifically speaking, there is no need for fossil fuels to be used on a massive scale in this modern world.

Much attention has been focused on the the first three topics, and as public awareness about renewable energy grows, consensus is being achieved on the fourth. Most people would agree that we should move on from fossil fuels. The problem is always, how do we get there from here?

I propose that the answer is that we learn to fuel ourselves locally.